Hospitality Industry

Automatically Calculate Wages & Track Time with VPM

Reduce the risk of human error when paying employees

Mistakes can be costly to resolve. High employee turnover, multiple positions and wages, and different departments under one roof. Managing payroll in the restaurant industry can be tedious and complicated.

Eliminate payroll headaches with a solution that can handle different wage structures (part-time, full-time, contracts, & tips) and employee compliance. Quickly incorporate vacation time, benefits and time-off.

Let VPM do the heavy-lifting for you.

Manage your workforce & gain valuable insights

Track all schedules and shifts precisely and view insights on age, seniority, work history, skills, salary/wage increases.

Extract a report breakdown per employee to gain insights into scheduling and payments.

Why VPM is a good fit for your hospitality business

Setup Different Rate Structure

Customize your payment structure with wages based on the position, e.g. server vs chef. Tips earned can be paid as direct or indirect.

Workforce Management

Consolidate “punch in clock” Excel spreadsheet with VPM. Easily manage different shifts.

Get Detailed Employee Reports

Extract a report breakdown per employee to gain insights into scheduling and payments.

Pay Contractors

Setup contractor payments for work completed.

Access VPM Anywhere, Anytime

Connect to your VPM from anywhere in Canada on your mobile or computer.

Gain Insights with General Ledger

Know where your money is going and keep track of all financial data.

No Contracts

Unlike with other payroll providers, we don't lock you into contracts. Use VPM for as long as you need.

Fast & Accurate ROE

Get your ROE completed & submitted on your behalf.

Easy to Use

No more headaches when it’s time for payroll. Intuitive & simple design for maximum productivity.

Trusted by companies like yours

Make the switch to a hassle-free experience

Transfer your payroll to VPM today and get a tablet & first month FREE* of payroll! Start the process with a quick quote.

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