Pay Suppliers Quickly & Easily with VPM

Pay construction professionals correctly & on time

You work with a crew, Sub/Contractors, Consultants, Engineers, Architects, building suppliers - a whole team comprised of different payment structures.

Let VPM handle your payroll needs - we guarantee error-free payments so that you can focus on the task at hand.

At any point in time, access your payroll system from any location and obtain immediate company updates.

Reduce administration time by having employees manage their own information

Employees can update their own information online, as well as, view their stubs & T4s so you can focus on managing the project as opposed to administrative tasks.

Be worry-free with VPM, we ensure compliance is met across the board from various WSIB rates to HST amounts.

Construction payroll features to free up your time

Run Additional Payrolls Off Cycle

Setup special cycle payroll runs depending on your needs. Send E-stubs to employees who may work remotely or offsite.

Fast & Accurate ROE and T4A

Get your Record of Employment and T4A completed & submitted on your behalf.

See Detailed Reports

Extract a report breakdown per employee and partner to gain necessary insights.

Pay Contractors & Subcontractors

Setup contractor payments for work completed. Make direct deposits to employees’ bank accounts through e-payroll.

Integrate with Third-Parties

Customize your payroll in regards to taxes, unions, deductions, benefits, and paid/unpaid leave.

Gain Insights with General Ledger

Know where your money is going and keep track of all financial data.

No Contracts

Unlike with other payroll providers, we don't lock you into contracts. Use VPM for as long as you need.

Access VPM Anywhere, Anytime

Connect to your VPM from anywhere in Canada on your mobile or computer.

Easy to Use

No more headaches when it’s time for payroll. Intuitive & simple design for maximum productivity.

Trusted by companies like yours

Make the switch to a hassle-free experience

Transfer your payroll to VPM today and get a tablet & first month FREE* of payroll! Start the process with a quick quote.

*some conditions apply

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